Acumen, Smart phone (iOS & Android) solutions,Soft RAID,AiM HD 2.6



Transport CCTV equipment of Acumen has all the necessary certificates: CE and FCC verification of compliance, SGS (IP68  weatherproof test report of security camera), WH (camera resolution service report), VSCC (examination report for vehicle safety testing directions) and ARTC (vibration test report).





Single, multiple, and full screen monitoring up to 32 channels 

Real time monitoring of more than 5,000 vehicles

Real-time Video & Audio monitoring

Video download and playback

Local real-time video and audio recording


Real-time vehicle status: Line, Speed, Position, Brakes and Parking sensor

Vehicle Steering, Brakes, Door Alarm information

Time correction, Software upgrades, Parameters configuration, Oil break


Vehicle tracking playback

Google and police geographic information system map

Electric fence, route offset function


Alarm linkage (Speed alarm, Emergency alarm, Video signal loss alarm, HDD error alarm and E-map alarm marking)

Alarm log, HDD damage log, Equipment log and User log

Multiple client log-in at the same time with different permissions


Auto Wi-Fi download

Data transmission, LED advertising

JPEG image real-time capture

Voice intercom and broadcasting


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